This is Super Cool Awesome Money a SCAM an ICO

Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM) coin is so cool and so awesome, it actually does nothing at all - much like every other cryptocurrency out there. The only difference... we're honest about it.

The crowdsale begins on January 19th, 2018 and ends February 10th.

The SCAM coin crowdsale is officially open. Join the revolution by contributing ETH to:


1 ETH = 50,000 SCAM

Amazing Features

ERC-20 Utility Coin

SCAM coin is built on the Ethereum mainnet, allowing for transactions to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Fast Transaction Time

Block times set to 15 seconds compared to Bitcoins 10 minutes using Ethereums Ghost Protocol.


Airdrops to random SCAM coin holders on an irregular basis.


500,000,000 SCAM to be sold in initial token sale, representing 50% of the total token supply.

Unlimited Posibility

SCAM coin doesn't actually have any utility, which means it can be used for absolutely anything. That's truly limitless.

Strong Ecosystem

SCAM coin boasts one of the strongest ecosystems of scammers and swindlers globally.



Is SCAM coin a scam?

You're kidding, right?

Will SCAM coin list on exchanges?

A promise from the SCAM coin team: We won't sleep until SCAM coin has been successfully listed on at least one shitty exchange. We can't promise anything, but by God we will try. Happy?

How many coins are in circulation?

There are 1 billion SCAM coins in circulation.


What will SCAM coin be used for?

SCAM coin will be used for...absolutely nothing. What did you think? This is a scam remember?

Can I 10x my investment?

We don't like making promises, but taking into account current market conditions, absolutely anything is possible. Look at DOGE.

Our Team

You can rest easy knowing we've got some of the most highly-qualified and regarded fake leaders around. We have years of experience building dApps. That's a German way of saying 'the apps', right? Well we've built lots of them. We are also highly capable of getting to dChopper..(with your money) and none of us have tumours (its nahht a tumour!). Much talent, much WOW!


Robert Miller

Chief Accountant


Stephen Everett

Chief Operating Officer


Philip Hennessy

Non-Executive Director


Nicholas Miller

Head of Human Resources


What our investors say!

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